Really ticked off regarding my BlackBerry’s sudden desire to prevent any calendar alerts from visually appearing any longer. I can see how many appear to have been missed when I lock the phone, as I am not presented with the visual option to simply snooze or dismiss them.

I have to tell you, I am totally stumped on this one. I have tried everything from adding/removing past appointments to resetting the BlackBerry via a battery pull. Nothing is helping. And no, this happened over the course of the past week, so it has had nothing to do with the new year or anything like that. Do not own a Zune, so I am safe from any firmware weirdness there.

It would be helpful to point out that I do connect to a BES, but do not use Outlook or Windows to add or change any apointments. I do use the OWA browser option though. If any of you BlackBerry gurus know what might be causing this, I would sure appreciate some help to fix this. Oh, and Happy New Year!