While lurking around this morning, I came upon a nice little piece of informative prose on Computer World. The piece gives ten steps to securing Vista from attack by virus, trojan, or malware.

The contrarian in me might wish to go off on a tangent about why ten steps should be necessary, for this operating system, Microsoft touts as being so very secure. Fortunately, my lighter side sees that this is totally unnecessary, because the very fact that this article is in place (meaning there was a need for its being) makes my rant superfluous.

The problem I see with the article is that it still makes the casual user (which you might argue would not be the target of this website – and you would be right! – yet, here the article is anyway) think that Windows Vista is somehow more secure a starting point than Windows XP.

It isn’t.

Using the information provided in the article, along with having your copy of XP, whether Home or Pro, fully patched, excepting for Service Pack 3 ( Most users would want to have Service Pack 3 installed, and those who don’t want it, are certainly intelligent enough to figure this out, and will have all other patches applied ) will make your XP machine very, very secure. This will save you from troubles on your travels through cyberville, and a buck or to on a totally avoidable upgrade.

Check out the tips. They are helpful, and, I’d venture to say that most will find at least one thing here that was previously unknown to them – and it will help you. It may be something that you say is only useful in that last tenth of a percent of problems – but can you take that chance?

Go forth into the unknown perils of the new year fully girded against attacks!

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