Every year I enjoy making predictions for the New Year. 2009 is going to be the easiest every to make predictions, since most or some of 2008 will carry over. Though there may be some new technologies being introduced, for the most part 2009 will be lean on technology improvements, just because of the economic situation.

So here are my predictions:

  • Windows 7 will be the story of the year. We will be pummeled with observations made about the new operating system, some of which will be nothing more than conjecture. The bottom line will be that Windows 7 will be Vista with minor improvements. Some will say that Windows 7 will be what Vista should of been.
  • Steve Jobs will continue to make news, not because of what Apple will be offering, but about his health issues. Rumors will continue about his ill health. I personally believe it is none of our business what his health maybe, but some will say if Jobs leaves Apple for any reason, the computer maker is doomed.
  • The PC [Vista] vs Apple commercials will hopefully come to an end. 🙂 I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of viewing them on the tube.
  • Netbooks will continue to thrive. These pint sized laptops will gain in popularity.
  • Digital TV will come to be with a whimper. However, news agencies will find some poor soul somewhere who will awake to find that their rabbit ear TV no longer works. No duh!
  • The President elect and his transition team will be in ‘shock and awe’ when they finally realize just how bad the economy really is. They will discover just how bad the present administration has screwed up but will be kind and not finger point, even when finger pointing will be justified.
  • Products from China will continue to make the news as it comes to light more and more of their products are contaminated.
  • The Big 3 auto makers will continue to cry in their beer as auto sales remain stagnant. We will wonder how GM and Ford can have fully automated plants in Brazil that produce vehicles that run on both ethanol and gasoline.
  • Finally, I will continue to blog here at Lockergnome.

Enjoy the New Year and pray that things will become better and not worse.

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