1 January 2009 POD – Psyko Soul


Today’s artist has a large selection of tracks for you to listen to over at his page at podsafe audio. He does do a wide genre of material but most of his stuff is a at the very least slightly flavored with funk, jazz or blues. Nonetheless, with the number of tracks he share it is impossible for you not to find may you wil like.

I will also be playing more of his material on my podcast over at Geeks Radio on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 at 6 PM. I invite you all to tune in and join us in chat as well. You can find the chat on the WyldRyde and join #geeksradio

Today’s Pick of the Day is "Blues in Q" by Psykosoul. I found him over at The Podsafe Music Network.

Thanks for reading and listening.