The Vista Capable lawsuit is proceeding right along with some additional information being presented. If you are not familiar with the Vista Capable computers, it was a small sticker that OEM’s placed on the units to indicate to the purchaser that the computer would handle Vista. It is being alleged that most of these so called Vista Capable systems were no weak in cpu power or RAM, that the only version of Vista they could run would be the Basic version.

So the plaintiffs hired a expert who has stated that Microsoft made about $1.5 Billion using the Vista Capable program. What this amount is based on is somewhat unclear. A recent article states that:

In a statement for the court, Dr. Leffler says his calculations indicate that Microsoft made $1.505 billion in licensing fees from the licensing program. A portion of his statement was redacted, but it seems as if Leffler estimated his figure from from data provided by Redmond itself.

I am unclear how licensing fees for the system could add up to that much, but that is what the court will have to decide.

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