For many people throughout the US, the holidays are a great time to head out to the ski slopes to get a few runs in before heading back to work. For others still, interested in getting the best deal on a spur of the moment ski trip possible, waiting until after the holidays has its merits as well. Realizing the importance of up to date snow conditions to skiers goes beyond just being alerted to a new snowfall, WeatherBug is now offering up their own ski reports for users to benefit from.

How does it work?

Getting the information you need to decide whether or not you are heading out to the slopes means being able to do it quickly and easily. In the past, one would likely need to call the resort itself to get an idea of exactly what the ski conditions are like, thus wasting your time and the time of the resort staff as well. But combining WeatherBug’s proprietary weather station network along with “OnTheSnow’s” ski condition reporting translates into rapid ski trip planning with critical accuracy as your co-pilot.

All a user needs to do is head over to WeatherBug’s snow and ski report page. Choose the state they are interested in, then learn the following information to help them decide if a ski trip is in their future.

  • New snow and surface snow – how much of each is currently available?
  • Runs and number of lifts available/open – helpful when trying to decide how many runs you will be able to get into your own trip!
  • Open/Closed and hours of operation – While you will do best to call for hours of operation, you will be able to use WeatherBug’s ski report to determine if the resort will be open or closed based on available data.
  • Forecast – Weather remains a key factor when planning that next big ski trip! And so a forecast link is provided in the ski report to help you to plan your trip should it be in the near future.