Whenever I spend time with friends, the details usually come together at the last second, which means that there’s a small amount of planning that’s involved. This is fine by me, but sometimes I wish the plans were a little more organized beforehand. As any one of my friends will tell you, I’m horrible about planning social activities, so I’m grateful for any help that I can get. In fact, Planypus may bring some organization to my social life.

Planypus describes itself as a wiki for your social life. Since wikis are all about collaboration, you can count on the fact that your friends will be a part of the planning process. You start a new plan by providing some information about it and inviting friends. The participants are then able to talk about the plan and take a vote to see what works best for everyone. Multiple notification options are available to keep you informed about what’s happening, and hopefully your next social event will be more of a success because of Planypus.