There have been persistent rumours about Steve Jobs’ health. This has included false rumours about his demise. When there are health concerns about the CEO of Apple, the stock market reacts. Today, Steve Jobs gave some details about his health:

“Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said Monday that doctors may have discovered the cause of the weight loss that has caused speculation about his health, adding that he will continue to serve as the computer maker’s CEO.”

link: Jobs: Hormone imbalance causing weight loss

Although this may clarify the medical issues for Mr Jobs, undoubtedly the ‘health watch’ will continue. Others technology firms such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dell and so forth have a dominant spokesperson. No one seem to have the investors’ and stock analysts’ interest to the degree that Steve Jobs has. For many, Steve Jobs is synonymous for Apple. It may be a business model that Apple may want to modify.

Catherine Forsythe

additional link: letter from Steve Jobs