Last Saturday evening I was at a social gathering when I was asked about buying a new desktop computer. My first reaction was why a desktop? Years ago there was a huge difference between the power and performance difference between a desktop and laptop computer. But those days are long gone. Todays laptops are equal to power and performance of the desktop.

So when I spotted this article about the laptop vs desktop debate and why laptops are making desktops obsolete, I thought I would share this with you. In the article it states the following:

“On both price and performance, laptops are so competitive now it’s surprising they weren’t able to catch up with desktops even earlier,” said iSuppli analyst Peter Lin.

“The ability to surf the Internet wirelessly at public places, the need to be able to take your office out with you when you travel, and an increasing range of notebook computers have all led to lower desktop sales.”

Laptops posted a milestone in the third quarter of 2008, passing desktop PC sales for the first time, according to research group iSuppli.

With an entry level price of $300 for some basic models, laptops should bolster their position in 2009. They are forecast to take up about 55 percent of all computer shipments, according to data tracking firm IDC.

Many companies eagerly awaiting the era of the laptop are in Taiwan, maker of about 80 percent of the world’s laptop PCs. They include the world’s top two contract manufacturers, Quanta and Compal Electronics, and two of the most aggressive laptop brands, Acer and Asustek.

So my question to you is this. If you are in the market for a new computer, will you be choosing a laptop or desktop system and why? Share your thoughts with us.

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