It’s not any fun to sign up for something and pay money for it when you know that you could have probably landed a better deal with another option. I have to say, I’m a fairly lazy consumer. I tend to purchase first and ask questions later, which isn’t exactly the smartest way to shop. Things like cell phone service and credit card plans are easy to get into, but with so many alternatives, it’s hard to really know if you’re making the best decision because the companies like to maintain a sense of mystery around their products. BillShrink will help you to make smart decisions that fit you the best.

Right now the service is all about cell phone and credit card plans, and while this is great, I’d love to see BillShrink branch out into other areas eventually. To get started, you specify your current usage so that BillShrink can find alternatives that will save you money both now and in the future. You’ll probably discover that you can save hundreds of dollars by making some simple changes, and you’ll even be notified if better offers become available.