As Windows 7 comes closer to its release, we see evidence of some of the things learned from Vista. The only feature that really struck me as a move in what will potentially be the right direction is known as the Startup Repair for Windows 7.

Not to be confused with System Restore, the idea behind Startup Repair is that you can utilize it to recover from startup problems that might be cause from a driver update gone wrong, broken MBR or other non-malware startup issues. Sounds like a fantastic idea, right? Perhaps not so much for geeks…

According to this take on the repair tool, one user is finding it to be more of a hindrance than a help. Apparently knowing how to get to last known good configuration is not an option any longer? According to this user’s account, this would translate into going into a redudent process that essentially does nothing to help using the repair tool described above. In this guy’s instance, using System Restore got him out of the issue, but speaking as someone who always turned that tool off as a waste of resources, this does not strike me as a real solution.

What say you? Any experience with the Startup Repair Tool? Hit the comments; share your experiences onĀ  it.