I was starting to feel that Microsoft didn’t love me any more. I had spent most of the weekend trying to download Windows 7 to no avail. I had also made a comment to my previous article about Windows 7 which stated that even my TechNet account was having problems. Without going into the gory details, I finally was able to download a copy of Windows 7 and also got a product key.

I look through my bag of tricks and found a new hard disk that will be Windows 7’s new home starting on Monday AM. I have read some of the other reviews from folks here at Lockergnome as well as the writers over at ZD-Net.

I especially liked Ed Bott’s opinion about Windows 7 arriving by July of this year. It could happen.

There is always something exciting about trying out a new OS. Maybe it is the anticipation of seeing what’s new and what’s not.

I will soon find out and report back.

Comments welcome.

PS I almost forgot. Microsoft has extended the download time until January 24, 2009 for the public preview and will not use the 2.5 million download limit as previously announced.