Last night the first part of the 3 hour premiere of this season’s ‘24’ was shown. Jack is back! It looks like the idea is to remove some of the restraints on him, and allow him to stretch out, without the confines of the commander of CTU always on his case.

It looks as though the limits will be stretched, but the basic goodness of the character will still reign in any overindulgence in violence. This is a good thing, as the internal struggle of Jack’s psyche is part of what makes the great tension. Will he ever lose it, and turn into a killing machine, devoid of restraint?  –  probably not, but there are small bits where he is unchecked, and the action of the series is better for it.

The beautiful FBI agent is a nice touch, and I await seeing whether anything will develop between them before she is reassigned or killed. (I don’t read any of the tabloid stuff, and haven’t gotten any of the advance information of this season – if there is any.)

I did see the actress that played Jack’s closest contact at CTU, Chloe, on Jay Leno, so I know she will be there, and she had spoken briefly that the Janeane Garofolo character will mirror the Chloe O’Brian character at CTU.

Jack couldn’t shoot Tony, so we know he wont be as ruthless as we have been led to believe in this new season.

It’s been a long time since the last episode of the previous season, with the writer’s strike and the incarceration of Sutherland playing havoc with any new shooting. The two hour side story of roughly a month ago was a pleasant distraction, but really almost completely unrelated to the stuff we see in the weekly format.

I look forward to another good season, and with ‘House’, ‘24’ continues to give Fox a reason to exist.

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–Mother Teresa

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