Last Friday night, Sports Illustrated contributor Mitch Albom was interviewed by Charlie Rose, and after the obligatory sports questions, got to the heart of one of the problems with this country today.

He recalled what he wrote in the article that was so moving and on point.

Speaking of things like the difference that people in the ‘heartland’ see, versus the ways that the people on the two coasts see things, it was a very informative few minutes.

This is a man who speaks from the heart, without deliberately swiping at those not living in the area, but making the case that these people who are often the butt of jokes on late night television, and certainly the object of ridicule by various Congresspersons, are the backbone of what we are as a nation.

He talks about real workers making real products, and as he was speaking about this, I have the vision of the ‘little pissed off hardware salesman’, Ross Perot, talking about the giant sucking sound, that would be heard when NAFTA was approved.

Not that I am Nostradamus, or Einstein, for that matter, but I have on these pages, talked about how no matter what we develop here with our minds, that monetary benefit is small compared to amounts garnered by the countries that make the products, developed here, and then sold to our people. This is exactly why we have the trade deficits we do. Sure, our brainpower designs the chips, the motherboards, the video cards, but it is the manufacturers, in China, Korea, and Taiwan, who rake the lion’s share of the money, right off the top.

We need to listen to people like Mitch, we need to stop being so divisive, and be Americans together, and we need to again be making products that you can hold in your hands, here.

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