As I previously mentioned I have installed Windows 7 on my test box which happens to be an older AMD 2800 with 2 G of RAM. I also mentioned that Windows 7 seemed quick, but I attributed this to a clean install. This morning I tried another experiment. On the same system I did a clean install of Windows Vista SP1. Here is what I found.

Where as Windows 7 installed in under 30 minutes, installing Vista took a whopping 1 hr. and 22 minutes. At first I thought the install had gone bad. But I rode it out until the install finally finished. This is when I noticed something that others have mentioned.

Windows 7 performs a lot quicker in everything it does. It boots faster, opens applications faster and shutdowns faster. Since both Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP1 were clean installs on the exact same system, there are no outside influences that could alter the results.

So it does appear that Microsoft has done something under the hood to speed Windows 7 up.

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