After suffering through the DTV commercials, banners running across our TV screens and news agencies that need to have classes on switching to DTV, it now appears the change over could be delayed. It seems that there is concern that some folks are still not ready for the change. It is estimated that some 2 million consumers are waiting for their DTV coupons.

Both Congress and Obama appear to be heading to extend the change over until June 12, 2009. According to one article, it states that:

The incoming Obama administration supports a proposal to delay the U.S.’s transition to digital-only television until June, Obama transition co-chairman John Podesta said in a letter to Congress Friday.

Lawmakers could vote on a delay as early as next week. West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller introduced legislation Thursday that would postpone the transition to June 12 and a House panel is scheduled to vote next Wednesday on similar legislation.

The U.S. is currently scheduled to switch to digital-only television on February 17. But lawmakers are worried that millions of consumers may not be ready.

So there you have it. More commercials and more banner ads. 🙁

Oh…………….I bet they will have to extend it again past June 12, 2009.

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