Back on May 22, 2008 I did an article about LifeLock and how Todd Davis the founder, had his ID stolen. The article received quite a few comments with various opinions about the validity of what really happened. Last evening I saw another of those LifeLock commercials with Todd flashing his own social security number on the side of a truck. So this morning when I received this comment, I thought I would share it with all of you:

Todd Davis was very stupid. As an ex computer Hacker/Social Engineer, when I saw this commercial for the first time I jumped on it. I first found Todd’s location then called his phone company and posed as a technician and conned them into giving me his birth date, at that point I had just about enough to do anything I wanted. I set up a few things in Todd’s name that I’ll keep private for now. The final outcome was me calling Todd Davis at his house and needless to say he sounded slightly nervous, I explained to him that the commercial as well as the service was a joke. Todd decided to tell me that this service was to protect people from every day bad guys not seasoned hackers such as myself. ?. I’m not sure what that meant but I gather it means that LifeLock will protect you from people who don’t know what they are doing but really can’t help you against as Todd says “Seasoned Hackers” . Stupid me, I thought “Seasoned Hackers ” were the ones who do this type of thing. So in short, I guess LifeLock will protect you against people who probably wouldn’t be able to harm you anyway but if a “Seasoned Hacker” decides to go after you they can’t do much. It’s a shame that the very company who say they will protect you against scams are the ones doing the scamming. Kinda like Garry Coleman having your back in a fight. Well here’s to you Todd Davis & thanks for the new computer.

Sincerely, The “Seasoned Hacker”

So there you have. What do you think?

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