Am I not sure how truthful these reports are, but there are allegations being made that Belkin is paying for favorable reviews on Amazon and Newegg sites. What is strange is that the reviewers are being paid .65 cents for a kind review. Over at CrunchGEAR they stated that:

I just contacted Belkin to confirm but this doesn’t look good. A site called The Daily Background found evidence that Belkin Bizdev guy, Michael Bayard, is paying folks 65 cents to write good things about Belkin routers. Why? I’m not sure. I sure didn’t mind Belkin routers in the first place and 65 cents isn’t a lot of money for a paragraph. Maybe a flat buck or a USB hub instead? Is false praise really that cheap?

Here is one of the requests on the Mechanical Turk:

Positive review writing.

* Use your best possible grammar and write in US English only
* Always give a 100% rating (as high as possible)
* Keep your entry between 25 and 50 words
* Write as if you own the product and are using it
* Tell a story of why you bought it and how you are using it
* Thank the website for making you such a great deal
* Mark any other negative reviews as “not helpful” once you post yours


The link below leads to a product on a website. Read-through the product’s features and write a positive review for it using the guidelines above to the best of your ability. I have also provided the part number for this product and you can click on the links below to see it on several alternative websites. In order to post some reviews you will need to create an account on the site. You can use your own email address or open a new free webmail account (gmail, yahoo…) and use it to post with.

This is interesting since it means that Belkin may be trying to cover up the fact that their routers leave much to be desired. I recently wrote here about the problems I had with a new Belkin wireless router and how it screwed up my Internet and Vonage connection.

So I have a question. Is there anyone else who had problems with Belkin routers? Let us know.

Comments welcome.