I was reading an article over at US News & World Report about the collapse of Circuit City. The article which covered the down fall of stocks and the resulting losses by investors was straight forward and to the point. It was another case of mismanagement gone wild and another case of lies and deceit by a large corporation. So what else is new.

But what I found of interest is the following reader comment:

Where in the world do you think you can actually go without seeing people you have lied to and stolen from? Let me help you, nowhere.You owe a lot of people money you need to make things right or maybe you dont.How can you work in a capitalist society when what you really want is socialism, you know our money and you will lie cheat and steal to get it.You have no HONOR.Sell your homes,explain to the children that mommy or daddy ,whatever the case maybe is nothing more than an idolator of money and power. I wonder what God thinks about all this think he will call it a wash? If you need help getting your egos out of the way I assure you I can help. America cannot afford to have this abandonement of morals and ethics.Afford thats a funny word there are things in life that all people cannot afford to do. Perverting the truth is a bigggie dont you agree? How about not making amends to those you hurt,not an apology.

How true. When have any of us heard a CEO apologize to the public for their failure in keeping the company afloat? Is God watching these failures in the U.S. and enjoying the outcome?

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