There is a law that will come into effect to protect the safety of consumers. However, this legislation render the small, entrepreneurial inoperable or in contravention of the law:

“…After a spate of toy recalls made headlines in 2007, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in July 2008. The law, which goes into effect on February 10, sets strict limits on lead and phthalate (a harmful chemical found in plastics) content in toys and other children’s products. Toymakers must certify their wares’ compliance via third-party testing, which can cost anywhere from less than a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars per test – and each component of a toy, such as zippers, buttons, and paint, must be tested separately. Retailers must also ensure that their entire inventory is certified. Toymakers and retailers who violate the law face fines of tens of thousands of dollars.”

link: New law could wipe out handcrafted toy makers

Obviously, there are inequities in this legislation. Let your Congress representative know that a solution is needed to protect the small entrepreneurs. In this economy, this legislation will create unnecessary hardships – and it is simply not fair.

Catherine Forsythe