After reading an article on Information Week, titled ‘Microsoft, Google, And Yahoo: One Doesn’t Belong’, I can’t help but wonder if Yahoo will survive the entirety of this calendar year.

The article speaks about how Microsoft has timed perfectly the policy of paying users to use their search engine. After all, if you have more time than money, why not try to accumulate some of the latter?

The article states that the economically challenged were in the habit of using Yahoo, rather than Google to find what they were looking for. There is no explanation given for this, and I’m sure that the answer to that question would be far more interesting than how Yahoo will not survive Microsoft’s openly dirty tactics.

Another question I’d like to see answered is if the new head of Yahoo will actually receive the reported $1 million salary if her only actions are to divide up the company to gain the highest profit for the stockholders. This is the worst tactic of corporate America, shown so well by the ‘Larry the Liquidator’ character played by Danny DeVito in ‘Other People’s Money’. Cut rate tactics certainly only deserve cut rate pay.

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