Tech Crunch has some fascinating letters from former Google employees, speaking about their experiences there. Many have good things to say, though some have some very interesting things to say about the hiring process, and the slipshod manner in which the entire operation is run.

Given that these are former employees, a certain amount of the stories can be taken as sour grapes, but there are details that crop up in many letters, identical, in fact.


Many speak of the intense feelings of failure they experienced, because ‘everyone knows how great it is to work for Google’ and therefore the person must either be a screw-up or mentally incompetent. It turned out, after seeing the points the others were making, that neither of those things were true.

Also, there are quite a few that left, knowing that Google was not for them, but with no resentments towards the company.

The letters are a must read for anyone wanting an insight into the corporate culture of this huge, relatively new internet entity.

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