On January 17th, 2009 I wrote an article [here] about allegations that Belkin was paying a comments on their products. Now it appears that Belkin has gone even further than this. In an article over at Gizmodo they have an employee who is spilling the beans on other shady practices. It appears that Belkin also likes to give away products to test that hid flaws for favorable reviews by blogger’s, faked certification logo’s and also paid people to write bad reviews of competitors products.

The article also states that:

To summarize the note, Belkin’s supposedly paid for positive reviews, gave products with custom firmware to reviewers in order to hide bugs, faked certification logos, wrote poor reviews of competitor’s products and backed out of CES for lack of funding. The company’s supposedly in such bad shape that it’s “commonly accepted that current CEO Mark Reynoso is running everything into the ground, while increasing his salary year after year.”

The worst bit, for consumers, is that “the majority of Belkin employees purchased competitors products for home use, even with ours being offered free, as they are of such poor quality.” On the other hand, we’ve had fairly decent experiences with Belkin products, so it’s not as if EVERYTHING they release is bad (assuming this is true). And of course, the majority of Belkin employees aren’t a part of this scheme, and this isn’t an official written policy, but it’s more of a thing that’s forced upon them by management and their particular corporate culture.

Interesting revelation if it fact the statements are true. In a year when we the public are hearing more and more about corporate corruption, thief’s stealing from our wallets, and having to bailout idiots who have destroyed their own companies for their own greedy needs, I would not put it past any company to do these things.

What do you think?

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