Gnomie Anthony writes:

I’m Anthony and I just dug up your YouTube channel (and I’m glad I did!). I’ve been watching many videos on Linux and virtualization and was wondering if you had ever heard of coLinux.

You only have the option of virtualizing Linux under Windows but I have found it to be reasonably fast on my system; coLinux does not currently have support for 3D Acceleration from the GFX card. The other drawback is that coLinux is a pain to get set up fully, however that may be because I set mine up using an existing Ubuntu Linux install while still keeping the ability to boot into Linux natively.

Alternatively you can use a preconfigured image from five different distros although some configuration is still required. Going even further you can use forked projects that aim to ease the installation and configuration of the coLinux box. These options come completely configured with audio and video. Using co-virtualization is probably not the most optimal option, but I did learn a lot about how Linux works — by the way, I do fail because it took me ten days to get it fully set up!

If you haven’t checked out this project then I highly recommend you do. coLinux is also still in development stages, so don’t expect amazing things just yet.