When I first happened upon this article on “proof” of the Google Gdrive, I will admit that it caught me a bit by surprise. Seeing Google fans still trying to keep the rumor alive about a fabled Gdrive seems rather silly to me. Factor in the cost of supporting such a service alone, I simply can not get my mind around this sort of thing as a value to Google in the long haul. Don’t get me wrong, give me real guarantees of privacy and data security, we might have a conversation here. But as it stands today as an idea, the Gdrive sounds more like a data breach nightmare to me personally.

During the course of this latest news of the Gdrive supposedly being released sometime this year, others have pointed out that they are perfectly fine with services such as Elephant Drive (Mac/Windows support), Amazon S3, CrashPlan (Linux, OS X and Windows support) amongst other options. Despite having to pay for them, the user realizes that unlike Google amazing lack of customer service behind their free products, paid services will generally provide someone to scream at when data goes missing. Not saying it will, but it is nice to have real customer support.

Privacy implications aside, something tells me a lot of foolish people are going to be swarming to this kind of service should it be given the green light. Think I am wrong or perhaps have other thoughts on the idea of the Gdrive going live, hit the comments and share your thoughts on the matter.