The old incandescent light bulb is going to be phased out and light bulb companies have started to make the switch over to newer energy efficient bulbs. Major light companies are closing older plants in preparation of making compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lighting. A little known bill passed by Congress started the phase out in 2007 and will continue until all incandescent bulbs have been completely replaced.

In a recent article  at the San Jose Mercury News it states that:

Osram Sylvania, one of the world’s largest bulb producers, commissioned a survey to find out if the public agreed, only to find out 80 percent of Americans don’t know the light bulb, as we know it, is on the way out.

Major bulb manufacturers and retailers are meeting in Dallas this week to find ways to incorporate LEDs into more products, but have been in transition mode for years.

Americans keep about 73 million lights on every day for a period of between four and 12 hours, with about 28 million powered by energy-efficient bulbs, according to the Department of Energy.

The new lighting standards coming online are expected to lower consumers’ annual electricity bills by $13 billion in 2020.

Incandescent bulbs, invented by Thomas Edison more than 120 years ago, brighten a room by heating a metal filament in a vacuum, but waste large amounts of heat.

Compact fluorescent bulbs contain a gas that reacts with electricity to create invisible ultraviolet light. When that light hits material inside the bulb, it is converted into ordinary light.

But some people find the light from compact bulbs harsh, and the fluorescents contain toxic mercury, meaning they shouldn’t simply be thrown in the trash.

I wasn’t aware that this was going to happen. But it does make sense since it will conserve energy in the long run.

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