When I made the switch over to Vista from XP, I noticed that the 3D Pinball game was no longer available. I guess Microsoft thought that 3D Pinball was not a popular game. But for those of us who enjoyed playing pinball, there is a way to add the game to Vista.

First you will need to copy the 3D Pinball game from a XP machine. The game is located in the folder:

C:Program FilesWindows NT

Next you will need to copy the folder over to the below folder in Vista:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Games

Now open the Pinball folder at C:Program FilesMicrosoft Games and locate the file called pinball.exe

Right click the pinball.exe file and drag it to the Games folder in the Start menu and choose copy here.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy.


PS If you do not have access to a XP machine, don’t fret. Check out the link above. The author has placed a easy to use file download for the 3D Pinball game. 🙂