As a freelancer, I’m all too familiar with what it’s like to have to keep up with receipts in preparation for tax time. Although I have good intentions throughout the year when it comes to doing this, somehow I always end up having to play catch-up before taxes are due. No matter how you look at it, this part of the freelance lifestyle just isn’t any fun. Shoeboxed realizes that this is the case, and the company has developed a solution to help you manage all of those receipts and business cards.

Instead of having to worry about this stuff yourself, you just send it all to them and they’ll scan and categorize your receipts and business cards for you so that you can stay on top of the information. The scanning process has to be their claim to fame, but you can also e-mail and upload the items yourself without having to send them away. A free trial of the accounts that include scanning is available, which enables you to try before you buy.