Windows 7 Beta seems to be having a problem that is causing many distress, and those who poked around, to fix the problem, are circumventing the point of the beta experience.

Yes, it seems that when certain programs are installed, they trigger a routine in the Customer Experience Improvement Program, and that causes a crash. The enterprising users who have worked around the problem are doing so by defeating the CEIP entirely. This helps the user, but only in the short term. Anything else that might have happened, with the installation or use, will no longer be known.

Back to square one.

from ZDNet

A number of Windows 7 testers have succumbed to a bug that is causing them to crash randomly whenever they try to start Windows Update or install anything using Microsoft’s MSI installer. But a couple of testers have created work-arounds that seem to fix the problem.

From enthusiast Chris Holmes’ blog:

“Many users have started experiencing random crashing of explorer and msiexec.exe when trying to start Windows Update or install anything that uses an MSI based installer.  This issue is bad enough that some people have even formatted because of it, only to have it come back again.

“(Within Windows’) Rafael (Rivera) has discovered that the fault lies with the SQM Client which is part of the Customer Experience Improvement Program. It seems that ANY process that calls WinSqmStartSession in ntdll.dll will start crashing when MachineThrottling is enabled in the registry, which seems to happen as a result of CEIP running.”

Based on the comments in response to Holmes’ post, quite a few testers have been hamstrung by this bug and didn’t know what was wrong until now.

Holmes published a couple of workarounds for the problem. I’ve contacted Microsoft to see how and when it plans to address the update bug. (No word back yet.)

Sure, some will say “it’s a BETA! There are supposed to be BUGS!” But as another Windows tester, Bryant Zadegan noted in a post to the AeroXperience site, there are bugs and then there are bugs:

Microsoft needs to get CEIP in Windows 7 back up and running as soon as humanly possible. The more people disable the CEIP for the sake of avoiding this bug, the less feedback.”

Any testers out there been stymied by the Win 7 update bug?

Fixes are detailed in the comments to the article, but remember, the fix removes any reporting of other problems.

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