Now this is strange. A company that processes data information for credit card transactions, just reported the breach that allegedly happened last year. What is strange about this incident is that the company,Heartland Payment Systems waited so long to report the breach of security. The company than chose inauguration day to go public with the details. The company handles some 250,000 businesses but refused to identify any of their names.

According to the article at the Wall Street Journal it also stated that:

Heartland called U.S. Secret Service and hired two breach forensics teams to investigate. But Baldwin said it wasn’t until last week that investigators uncovered the source of the breach: A piece of malicious software planted on the company’s payment processing network that recorded payment card data as it was being sent for processing to Heartland by thousands of the company’s retail clients.

Baldwin said Heartland does not know how long the malicious software was in place, how it got there or how many accounts may have been compromised. The stolen data includes names, credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates.

It doesn’t appear that this company knows to much about anything. Maybe they should be a prime candidate for an investigation to find out why they know so little. 🙂 The company also has no plans to monitor any credit card transactions that may have been illegal nor to provide any protection to the victims.

Do you think that these people should get any bailout money?

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