Gnomie Kyle “The Scottish Long-Hair Geek” Allan writes:

Hi, Chris!

Fist of all, I’m a new subscriber to your channel, and I’m really impressed by your work and views! All good!

Now, Windows 7.

I have to admit that I am a Vista hater! I built myself a nice big system back in early 2007 and ran XP on it! The speed and the flexibility was all very good. No slowdown or anything. Perfect.

After a failed power supply upgrade earlier in the year, I lost an HDD and needed to reinstall windows. My friend coaxed me into upgrading to Vista with the new HDD, so I followed his advice and took the £200 plunge. It ran smoothly at first, albeit with slowdown and lag (on my 3.16 GHz dual core with 4 GB of RAM and GeForce 260) and some compatibility errors were just… weird. But I decided to stick to my guns and let it work itself into the system.

When I started college in September, I came home to find my computer would fail to boot. After a few little tweaks, it seemed that Vista had decided on a whim to corrupt my SATA drivers, rendering my Vista useless! That was the day after I had re-installed all the software I needed for college! Pfft!

I have since gone back to XP, getting faster speed and better RAM usage.

But I decided to test out this 7 since everyone was raving about it… and I can see why!

Better RAM usage than XP, faster, cleaner, lighter, and generally better looking! Albeit with the odd bug here and there (Turning off UAC also prevents Gadgets from working). But dude, I am VERY tempted to upgrade when this comes out for reals! Seriously!

Microsoft has listened to us and it seems that this is set to be a good version of Windows. Perhaps this will be like the Longhorn we craved for.


Anyway, that’s about the only little glitch I have found! Found any more yourself?

Keep in touch and I’ll keep on watching!

P.S. Mac OS X FTW!