It’s an argument that I see popping up nearly everyday. Somehow, the belief is that with the changing economy, Apple is really missing out on not offering a netbook option to their MacBook line of notebooks. Truth be told, I am not all that convinced going in full force with a netbook to compete with the likes of others who have had time to fully explore the netbook market is such a hot idea.

Apple as a rule, would rather introduce and create a new market than compete in an existing one. This is not to say that they do not already do this with the whole Mac vs PC thing, but at the end of the day the Mac is still a niche of the home computer market, just as desktop Linux is becoming one for enthusiasts.

As you can see in this article by Wired, I tool believe that Apple will eventually enter the netbook market. But rather than merely competing in it, they will likely enter this market as to redefine it completely. Much as the iPod did with portable music players. While I may turn out to be wrong on this, something tells me that this is where Apple is going to be headed in the coming months. Just watch and see.