Bookmarking Web pages on the Internet is something that we’re all used to. At this very moment, I have so many pages bookmarked that I don’t even know what I’m going to do with all of them. In addition to the pages that I have bookmarked, I also send URLs to people and receive them all the time, so there’s a significant exchange of Web sites in my life. Of course, saving or sending a URL isn’t the most efficient way to deal with content because you may only be interested in a certain portion of the page that’s being referenced. Why not extract the parts that you care about? With Snipd, you can.

The service uses a bookmarklet to enable you to snip the content that you want. You don’t even have to register to get started, so feel free to start snipping immediately. Text, images, and videos can be grabbed very easily, and all of your snipped content will be saved to your very own Snipd page so that you and your friends can keep up with it. Thanks to Snipd, you can focus on the good stuff.