With all of the noise about the presidential “Super-BlackBerry”, I thought it might be worth noting that there may very well be another lesser known, secondary option that would be used in conjunction to it. It’s called the Sectéra® Edge and it is AWESOME.

As you can see from this video, it’s built to take amazing abuse. Bundle that with Windows Mobile providing both secure (as in NSA level security) and classified and unclassified USB ports, a trusted display (meaning it is secure), QUERTY keyboard along with a touch screen and you have yourself a really expensive phone.

At a cool $3,350, one might find themselves wanting to wait for the upgrade option with their mobile carrier before even thinking of buying such a device. Obviously kidding here, this is not going to be available to Joe User. Still, the idea of having an NSA Certified Phone does present a pretty cool mystique, if nothing else.