I remember the days when I used to have to use a piece of desktop software in order to make some changes to a picture. I was never any good at doing that, and I’m still not, but at least it’s easier today. I can’t recall the last time that I fired up some image editing software because I now do all of that stuff in my Web browser. We really have come a long way, and editing images is something that anyone can do without a lot of fuss. A service called piZap makes manipulating pictures much more fun.

Once you upload a picture, you can add text, stickers, effects, and even paint on it. There aren’t as many image modification features on piZap as you’ll find on some other services, but there should be plenty to work with for most people. When your changes are complete, you then save the image to your computer or push it out to the supported social networks to share with others. If you’d like, you can also purchase products that contain your picture.