So says the arbiter of the airwaves. see article

It probably is too late to change this, and February 17 will be one of those asterisk days in history. People will say they remember the tumult and furor years later, and relate it to their children as part of an object lesson.

There is probably little chance of postponing the date, and maybe that is a good thing, as it will bring into sharp relief that insanity that has guided the electromagnetic spectrum policies of this country.

Few realize that the changes will affect more than those who are unable, or unwilling, to obtain a new television, or magic box (DTV converter). The households that have not been using the converters, or owners of ATSC televisions that have not been used exclusively that way, will on that date soon get a full lesson in the vagaries of the reception of DTV signals.

There will be those who are ignorant, and will not re-scan for the changes in operating frequencies. There will be those who have paid little or no attention to television in general, and won’t their surprise be notable when some think the world has ended. It won’t be only the FCC offices that will receive a massive amount of calls, the 911 operators will tire quickly of getting people calmed down, and then telling them that loss of television is not an emergency situation.

As I have said before, the changes for those who have been watching ‘special’ programming on their HDTVs, thinking that all is well, will find that just because all is well at night during primetime, it may not be well in the early morning or late afternoon, when the atmospheric ionization wreaks havoc with signals.

The well-heeled supporters of the transition will soon know the shortcomings of the system, and then realize that perhaps a different path should have been blazed.

But then again, years from now, a lot of enjoyment will be gotten from people joking about how twice their government did not get television transmission right. First, it was jokes about NTSC actually standing for Never Twice the Same Color. ATSC will develop its own little caustic secondary meaning.

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