The Republicans in the house blocked the delay for the conversion of digital TV which is scheduled to go into effect next month. The bill which was supported by President Obama and consumer groups, would of placed a 4 month extension on the plan. In an article it stated that:

Consumer groups have been pushing the effort to delay the transition date to June 12 from February 17, worried that 20 million mostly poor, elderly and rural households are not ready for the congressionally mandated switch.

“It’s really unfortunate,” said Joel Kelsey, an analyst at Consumers Union. “Consumers are staring at a big, fat, unfunded mandate in the midst of an economic crisis.”

More than one million people are on a waiting list for $40 government coupons to subsidize the cost of converter boxes needed by those with older televisions. The agency that runs the program ran out of coupons earlier this month.

Democrats may try again next week, but this time in a way that would possibly permit amendments and require a simple majority to pass.

I don’t want to start a political debate but this makes one wonder how well the Republicans plan on playing with the new administration. I noted the other evening that Senator McCain doesn’t want any more moneies for a stimulus package, but instead wants tax cuts. Which makes one wonder. Tax cuts for who? The people or big businesses?

Does the trickle down theory work?

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