Even though I’m not a fan of taking pictures, I do enjoy looking at them. The Internet provides us with many different ways to organize and present our pictures, but after some time, they all start to look and feel the same. One of the aspects of online photo galleries that has needed some innovation is the way in which the photos get added to these galleries. Basic uploading and importing from other services is old news, but 2Pad makes things interesting by automatically creating a photo gallery from the pictures and videos in your e-mail account.

One of the most popular ways that these files are exchanged is through e-mail, so this method makes sense. 2Pad works with all mailboxes that have IMAP support, and when you first get started, the service will perform an initial scan to build your gallery. From then on, pictures that get sent to that e-mail address will be included in your collection. The galleries work great, and you’ll now have one less thing to worry about.