Due to a number of personal events taking place in my life right now, I have felt myself looking back at what I have done with my time in the online arena. For the most part, I feel that I have done fairly well for myself. Despite that, there are always some things that people such as myself do come to regret. Allowing specific domain names to expire is among some of my top irritations.

One example of the all time dumbest domain lapses has to be that of ChangingMedia.com. Goes to the BBC now, right? Hit the “wayback machine” and shockingly, it used to be the domain used for an audio podcast that myself and Lockergnome’s Brandon Watts hosted together. Well known guests to the show included Eric Rice and Rodney Rumford, in addition to the show’s hosts covering a number of tech/media related topics.

Yeah, the show was perhaps a bit ahead of its time as I have revisited the idea with others years later. Many people have stated that it could have been something incredible had we been able to stick with it. But life happens, domains lapse and other people register them. Life goes on.

I guess if there is one single piece of advice I have when it comes to really great domain names – hang onto them. This may seem obvious, but believe me when I tell you that it is really easy to let them lapse. And who knows, you might find that one day that otherwise not so important domain strikes up inspiration that could lead to great things.

Then again, there are some domains that are so specific to one brand, that you cannot really use them for anything else. Like PuppetCasting.com for instance. As you can see from this link once thought to be promo video, the idea behind the program was to put an entertaining spin on current events with the help of a foam filled friend and a lot of green screening. Initially, we had some interest from folks that could have helped propel this forward, but needless to say, it did not work out and the domain was not really something I could have used for other ventures.

Do you have any domains you let lapse that have you doing a double take today? Hit the comments, share your experiences.