The WJS is reporting that TechCrunch founder is taking a brake after receiving death threats. Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, states that some unhappy readers as well as other bloggers have turned against him causing him to stop his TechCrunch blog. Though he didn’t state how long the blog would be closed, it could be sometime before we see the blog once again.

So what happended to cause all of this drama? According to the WJS it states that:

“Whoever is the top blog will get attacked by everyone else and that’ll just be the way it is,” Mr. Arrington said. “We really need to think about, the community of bloggers, if we’re going to continue to slay our own for competitive reasons.”

Mr. Arrington downplayed any connection between the role his site has taken on — giving buzz to tech startups — and the emotional responses he gets from unhappy readers. Rather, he contends that unfounded allegations from his peers that TechCrunch accepts payment or other favors for stories make him a target.

“I think there are crazy people out there, like the guy that threatened to kill me,” Mr. Arrington said. “I just wish that people wouldn’t suggest to the crazy people that I’m a good target.” Mr. Arrington did not suggest that any tech site actually urged people to harm him. But he did name a handful of tech blogs that he thought had published matter that damaged his site’s reputation, including, which is owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

I have enjoyed past article by TechCrunch and hope he gets his site and reputation back up. What do you think? Should he close his site or just ignore the critics and threats?

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