Yesterday I was looking at the ZDNet site, and I happened to see a listing of ‘The 10 best techies worth following on Twitter’. So I read it.

I then went to some of the links it gave, only to see, as I had when I had first heard about this construct, that it was a land of non sequiturs and nonsense, bad spelling, and malformed ideas.

And these were supposed to be Information Technology people of some accomplishment, worth my time to follow.

Well, as I commented there, I did not get my Magic Decoder Ring out of Wheaties, Lucky Charms, or Frosted Flakes, and without it, all of this seemed like pure noise, adding nothing to the sum total of the universe.

I started thinking that I just might not get it. Although I am over 40, there are things I did not ‘get’ when I was 20, as I thought they were inane then, and not worth my time. The great many turned out to not be worth my time, and have fallen away from usage, or public knowledge. Some are early adopters, I guess I am an early rejecter. I have never been a follower, and it does seem that one needs to be a follower of sorts to enjoy this.

I did look around, only to see that others responded as I did, some more strongly than my mild remarks.

I must have missed getting the magic decoder ring
in my box of Wheaties, or Frosted Flakes, or ??? This stuff is about as interesting as watching a transcript of a Beavis & Butthead conversation. Much of it is also indescribably arcane, and again, I didn’t get the decoder ring.

I can only think of 1 person whose stream of consciousness I might ever want to see, and I haven’t found Robin Williams on there yet.

and  others, remaining anonymous

Um, no one. Twitter is a productivity suck and a near useless medium for serious communication and collaboration.

Twitter represents a great vehicle for self-aggrandizement and a feeling of pseudo-importance and relevance, I suppose.

Sad how miserable and shallow people are becoming.

Still, I thought perhaps these people were possibly upset because the team that they had a wager on had lost, so I looked elsewhere

It reduces intellectual life to a fashion parade: “if lots of other people are thinking something, I’d better start thinking it too – and soon!” How pathetic is that?


And this is how you wish to spend your time?
As the machine age matured, prognosticators opined that future machines would relive humans of drudgery and free us to concentrate on aesthetic pursuits — literature, sculpture, etc. — and the human race would enter a golden age. What we have instead is IM, Twitter, and the like. I have tried to read some Twitter streams, but I find them inane and without any relevance other than expressions of shared narcissism. Twit-ter seems to have been aptly named.

Perhaps I have just been listening to the wrong Twits.

These were among some of the comments I found to another article by the same author, who appears to be some sort of ‘Twitter evangelist’. It seems that a person either immediately gets it or doesn’t, there is no ‘warming up to it’.

For me, I will abstain, as I have all the extraneous noise in my life I need, without it.

The future ain’t what it used to be.Yogi Berra
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