As I grow older, I continue to realize how true the statement is that time really does fly by. Time moves fast enough in the real world, but on the Internet, things move even quicker. If you go offline for just a few days, it feels like you’ve missed a month’s worth of information. We’re so into what’s happening at the current time that sometimes we forget about what happened just a short time ago. This is especially true with microblogging services like Twitter that move at the speed of light. Twistory serves as a blast from the past by enabling you to see your Twitter history on a calendar.

You may not have realized it, but while you’ve been using Twitter, you’ve actually been building a diary of sorts, and Twistory helps you to see it. Just type in the name of your Twitter account or another one that you like and the service will provide you with an iCalendar feed that can be used to populate your calendar software. The Twistory page that’s created also features a couple of charts that show daily and weekly activity.