Denny’s Giving Away Free Grand Slam Breakfast Today

It’s not that I’m too late, it’s the gratuitous use of the word Denny’s that should generate outrage here…

Everyone Can Now File Their Taxes Online Free

Last year there was an upper limit of $56,000 to file electronically.

Free Prep for 1040EZ & Free Federal E-Filing at Turbo Tax Online

As The Recession Deepens, The Mall Of America Says It’s Doing Fine

Thank God. We must never allow the economy to sully this ultimate memorial to unbridled capitalism.

South Koreans could see 1Gbps web connections by 2012

But it’s ok.  I still have the Comcast 4Mbps service I got years ago.  The price certainly has gone up though…

Video: Hacker war drives San Francisco cloning RFID passports

I want to make sure you understand this.  The fellow in the video drove around San Francisco with a laptop and $250 Motorola RDID reader for twenty minutes.  In that time he found and cloned two US passports. He cloned them by just driving by.  Is this a technology you’re ok with?

Local Police Want Right to Jam Wireless Signals

I think I know how this is going to work out…

Microsoft to offer XP-to-Windows-7 upgrades

Yeah, buy Win 7 for some exorbitant amount and you may upgrade to XP.  I wonder if PC vendors will be offering the upgrade to XP for an additional $150… You’ll love this: although it’s an upgrade, you’ll have to do a `clean’ install of Seven, wiping out all your XP data.  Idiots.

NASA: Mars rover back on the move, glitch still a mystery

Somebody uploaded Windows Seven to it…

Microsoft’s IE loses more share, slides to new low

IE now has only a 66% market share.  Keep up the safe surfing, people!

Gimme some (more) money, demand Spinal Tap

The TAP is back!!!

Finland fingerprints all Finns and foreigns

It always starts overseas…. don’t plead ignorance.