I was homeschooled for a large portion of my educational life, so the whole idea of study groups is a little foreign to me. There’s always more to learn, and collaborating with others can help you to expand your knowledge in new and interesting ways. A lot of the knowledge that gets exchanged is made possible through papers and documents. Even if you’re not a student, you may still be interested in digesting this information. A service called wePapers wants to build the world’s biggest study group that’s accessible by everyone.

You’ll notice that wePapers is very similar to many of the other online document sharing Web sites that are out there, but this service is focused on educational papers and documents. Users can upload and manage all of their papers in this one place, which not only helps the individual who does the uploading but also benefits other users as well. You’ll be able to navigate through the papers that have been uploaded and download the ones that you like. I think the document viewer is great, and the papers can be shared and discussed in many different ways.