With the widespread news (here, and here, and again here, and once again here) that Windows 7 will have 6 flavors, and from ostensibly reliable contacts, it has learned from the devastation that was Vista.

Oh, really?

It certainly doesn’t seem that way. For all the nitrohumus that Microsoft is shoveling, it really must think that the intelligence of its customers has dropped double digits since the Vista launch.

Six different kinds of Windows 7? Is this some kind of joke? The only one who seems to get this sham is Ed Bott, on ZDNet, and he is trying to sell it as a benefit. Leave it to Ed.

He just might be getting a cut. If you look at his figures, he could retire from Microsoft without ever working a day at the place.

Elsewhere on the site he even leaves out one of the flavors, as we will probably never see it, he asserts.

Yes, Microsoft has learned. And your thinner wallet will be the recipient of this magnanimity. Don’t you just feel the love, right now?

The only thing that might benefit users, if they have a burning desire to upgrade, is that an upgrade path from XP is available.

I have a feeling that an entire industry of products to revert Windows 7 to the outward behavior of Windows XP will rise like Old Faithful. Beyond that, those copies of Vista Home Basic are going to be worth less than coffee at Starbuck’s soon.

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