The American people had spoken when they decided to chose Barack Obama as their new president. We the people were tired of the failed administration that had locked us into an unpopular war and had driven our economy into a dire recession. We told the world we wanted change. Change to make a better country and a better image of ourselves to the world.

President Obama extended his hand across the aisle to the Republicans, and in a childish fashion, his hand was rejected. The Republicans have decided that it is going to be politics as usual. They believe that the American people are stupid. They have no intention of working together with the new President to solve the problems that face us all.

Idiots like Rush Limbaugh, a diehard Republican, actually hope that President Obama fails. Hello! If our President fails so does the country. So does the world.

The Republicans are so disjointed that they think by electing a black man as their leader, it will change their image. Hello! It is way too late to change your image. The American people are watching the way you vote in Congress.

If the Republicans continue to play politics I would sincerely hope that they be removed in the next election.

What do you think?

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