I just read an article in which it stated that social networking site MySpace has just purged their site of some 90,000 sex deviants. MySpace originally stated that they suspected only 40,000 perverts had made their way onto the site. But later admitted the increase in numbers.

At the same time, social networking site Facebook, is being plagued with hackers stealing identities. The thefts are being used to solicit money from unsuspecting friends of the victims who have had their accounts compromised.

The article also states that:

Facebook, which signed a similar agreement with the AGs, told Bloomberg that it is actively searching for sex offenders and working with law enforcement to identify and remove them. A TechCrunch post, however, suggests that about 8,000 of the 90,000 offenders purged by MySpace appear to be current members of Facebook.

Facebook had 221.8 million unique visitors in December, and MySpace had 124.9 million, according to ComScore.

According to the KIDS Act of 2007, which became law last year, registered sex offenders are supposed to submit their e-mail and instant messaging accounts to a national sex offender registry. But there’s always a chance for offenders to try their luck with a different e-mail address and screen name.

So what do you think? Is it possible to rid any site of those who seek out our youth or to steal identities? Well these problems end social networks?

Comments welcome.