As our country struggles with an economic mess that is beyond comprehension for most of us, our new President is struggling to get a stimulus package passed. In a time where we would expect our politicians would put aside their idiotic opinions for the good of our country, we have people like Sen. Richard Shelby (R) from Alabama who wish to instill FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt].

Sen. Richard Shelby has stated:

“This is not the right road to go. We’ll pay dearly.”

After listening to all the wind bags from both parties, I don’t believe that there is any 100% guarantee of a solution to fix this mess. The only person who spoke on the issue that made any sense was Donald Trump. When asked if any stimulus package would work, he said that he wasn’t sure because we have not been down this road before.

I agree with Mr. Trump. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats can guarantee any stimulus package will work. What won’t help any of us is to have a gas bag like Shelby spew more gloom and doom to scare us when what we need is confidence. Confidence in ourselves and in our country to get through this together.

What do you think?