In this economic climate, it’s no wonder that consumers are trying to make their money stretch more than ever before. Many of us may not have even thought twice about going into a store and purchasing an item without doing any comparison shopping, but that’s just not a smart way to shop. The Internet offers an abundance of ways to research pricing, and a service called ZingSale will do the work for you by letting you know when an item goes on sale.

What are you looking to buy? Whatever it is, type it in and see what ZingSale has to offer. If the price looks good and you’re ready to make the purchase, then you can follow the link to buy the item from the merchant, however, if you’re not quite comfortable yet, you can enter your e-mail address and have the service monitor the price. When the price drops, you’ll receive an e-mail containing a link to purchase the item. Since a lot of sales only happen for a short period of time, those who are quick will be able to take advantage of these discount notifications. Shouldn’t you be trying to save some money?