Seems like everywhere I turn these days, I am hearing about technology that is supposed to be reflective of something we might have expected to see on Minority Report. However, after coming across this high-tech glass technology, I believe we might finally have something that would easily fit the bill.

Now to be completely clear, this technology is still “pie-in-the-sky” at this point. That being said, what is being described here does seem like it could potentially happen one day when you consider how far we have come already. Yes, there are still a number of massive challenges that would need to be overcome before we could move from interactive paper into a world where “glass” is able to provide the same level of functionality as a full-blown computer/PDA.

Maybe the key is to not use plastics/glass and instead, look to transparent aluminum? After all, it worked on Star Trek, why not consider it for the future’s transparent handhelds? Seems plausible assuming we can overcome a host of other technology challenges that would prevent such a concept from coming into the mainstream. What do you think?